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MK5 Manual Diaphragm Pump, Surface Mounted

MK5 Manual Diaphragm Pump, Surface Mounted
Product Information:

Manual Diaphragm Pump, Surface Mounted, TLZ9090 (BP0527)

Whale has led the way in manual diaphragm pumps for the marine world for decades.

The Mk 5 sanitation is a reliable fully housed black waste pump – reliability when you need it most.

• Can be mounted in various orientations/positions

• Tough plastic housing keeps in nasty smells

• Large virtually unblockable valves

• Easy to clean (no tools required)

• High performance- 56 ltrs (14.8 US gals) per minute

• wide hose connections for maximum performance - 38 mm (1½”)

• Lightweight design for easy operation

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