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LS200W-TS Pump Out Station

LS200W-TS Pump Out Station
Product Information:


  • High quality housing made of 316 stainless steel
  • High performance Peristaltic pump, can run dry
  • Integral high head automatic transfer pump/tank
  • Easy to service and maintain due to the fully removable door
  • 15m high flexible Suction hose 1 ½“ (38mm)
  • Pump-out Probe meets the European standard ISO 8099
  • Different control options (coin, Token, Key or Start/Stop buttons)
  • Self priming up to 9m high

         • Voltage 220V/400V available


        Length total  =  1300mm
        Width  total  =  1100mm
        Height  =  1200mm


       Capacity  Pump:  up to 250l/min

       Motor Power:  3.6kW

       Suction height max:  9m

       Discharge length max:  700m

       Pressure height max:  25m

       Weight:  260kg


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LS200W-TS Pump Out Station

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