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Raritan PHII Manual Toilet, Small and Large Bowl, White

Raritan PHII Manual Toilet, Small and Large Bowl, White
Product Information:

Available in Small or Large bowl...


Mid-priced, high quality, non-macerating manual toilet. Reliable, high-quality design uses sea or lake or river water.

The PHII and PHEII both operate by using a double action piston pump that simultaneously draws new flush water as it discharges the wastewater. By using raw water for flushing, on board water supplies can be reserved for essential freshwater use. The PHII pump has a unique, easily replaceable seal cartridge. A simple quarter turn of the inlet water valve control knob allows the bowl to be pumped dry without using additional water. This provides the user with the option of emptying the bowl while in heavy seas. A special air vent reduces back pressure.

  • Simple design means economical, trouble-free quiet operation.
  • Powerful flushing action.
  • Dry pumping is easier because air vent reduces back pressure.

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