C Warm 141 litre Vertical Water Storage Heater

C Warm 141 litre Vertical Water Storage Heater
Product Information:

Single Coil or Twin Coil, Twin Immersion Boss

Capacity: - 141 litres (31 gallons)

Connections: - Heating Coil ½", Cold in & Hot out ¾"

Dimensions: - 1080mm high, 490mm diameter

Materials of Construction, Tank: copper, Insulation: polyurethane

Maximum Working Pressure up to 3 bar (42 p.s.i.)

Stored water temperature up to the circulation temperature of the engine cooling water. Use thermostat to limit to 55º - 60º C if necessary

Heating Times 15 - 25 minutes

Packaged Dimensions: L:53.00 x H:120.00 x W:53.00cm

Actual Weight: 34.40 Kg (Approx. 36.90 Kg packed)

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