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Whale Accumulator Pump and 8ltr Tank Kit 12v or24v DC

Whale Accumulator Pump and 8ltr Tank Kit 12v or24v DC
Product Information:

Whale Accumulator Pump and 8ltr Tank Kit 12v or 24v DC


PN: W-UF2015

PN: W-UF8025

  • 12v (2Bar 30psi) or 24v (3Bar 45psi)
  • 8lt accumulator tank
  • 15mm push fit connections
  • Filter strainer
  • Max suction head 3m
  • Max discharge head 30m

Whale electric galley pump range includes models with the very latest electronic technology. All pumps are manufactured from only highest quality inhouse moulded parts and robust motors. Smooth constant flow prevents water hammering and cycling. One piece kit includes pump and 8 ltr compact accumulator tank.

This integrated kit is a drop into line pre assembled kit designed to provide a constant reliable flow of water on board.

  • Combined pump and accumulator tank ensures a smooth even flow of water to all outlets
  • Compact design installs easily in convenient locations
  • Reduced noice and vibration by preventing pump cycling
  • Easily plumbed into standard 1/2" or 3/8" pipework
  • Connects directly to Whale Quick connects 15 mm plumbing system
  • Can be fitted to new or existing systems
  • straight forward one piece fit - moulded base allows the installer to drop in and plumbing
  • Includes long life Whale pressure pump
  • 8 ltr accumulator tank - compact and effective in smoothing water flow

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