Terms & Conditions

We warrant that all new equipment sold by us is free from defects in material or workmanship.  Our liability under this warranty is limited to making good any part or parts which shall within one year from the date when the equipment was delivered new to the customer be returned to us and which we are satisfied on our examination to have been defective in material or workmanship.  Included in this warranty are the costs of labour incurred by us in making good such part or parts used in any way so as adversely to affect its performance or condition we shall not be liable for any fault arising from its use.

This warranty is given on condition that

  1. We are notified in writing within fourteen days after such defects appear and the equipment or defective parts are returned to as soon as reasonably practical or where this is not practical made available for inspection by us.
  2. The equipment has in our judgment been correctly installed and normally used in accordance with the instructions provided for its installation operation and maintenance.
  3. Unless performance figures and performance tolerances have been stipulated by the purchaser and agreed by us at the time of ordering the equipment we shall be under no liability in the absence of any defect in material or workmanship for failure to obtain any particular performance.
  4. If the equipment has in our judgment been altered taken apart repaired tampered with neglected damaged or used in any way so as adversely to affect its performance or condition we shall not be liable for any fault arising from its use.
  5. We shall not be liable for faults arising from the use of any spare or replacement parts not authorised or recommended by us.
  6. Any equipment or defective part replaced by us shall become our property.
  7. The decision whether to repair or replace a defective part under warranty claim shall be at our discretion.
  8. Excluded from this warranty are any parts, which need replacement due to normal wear and tear.
  9. Carriage to our works of any equipment or parts returned to us under a warranty claim shall be the responsibility of and at the expense of the claimant.
  10. We accept no responsibility for loss or damage howsoever occasioned to customers' goods whilst such goods are in transit to or from ourselves or in the possession of or in transit to or from our agents.
  11. Our liability shall in no case exceed the value of goods in relation to which the claim is made

a) Observe all prudent trade practices in relation to installation and user so that the equipment is not used when it is in an unsafe condition for whatsoever reason

b) Ensure in so far as the equipment is incorporated into other equipment that such other equipment is in good working order and that such incorporation is in accordance with what the manufacturer would require

c) Ensure that his staff and all users of the equipment are adequately informed of their duties in relation to use of the equipment

d) Observe the Health and Safety at Work legislation as amended from time to time in relation to the equipment supplied So that we shall not be liable in any respect as a result of the purchaser's failure to observe the conditions a) to d) set out above

The foregoing warranty is given without prejudice to purchasers' statutory rights.