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LeeSan LeeFlex Sanitation Hose

LeeSan LeeFlex Sanitation Hose
Product Information:

LeeFlex (Printed & Dated) Sanitation Hose: A medium duty sanitation hose specially formulated with permeation resistant properties to combat odour. Reinforced with an internal rigid crush and kink resistant white PVC helix, it is tough, flexible and extremely durable even under cold working conditions and has outstanding resistance to the effects of weather.


● Odour resistant for sanitation purposes.

● Tough, flexible and extremly durable.

● Minimal friction loss is achieved by the smooth bore.

● UV Stabe.

● Excellent chemical and abrasion resistance. The hose is resistant to most cleaning chemicals and detergents

● Flexibility maintained even under cold weather conditions.


Manufactured with a white rigid crush and kink resistant anti-shock PVC spiral helix encapsulated in a white permeation resistant flexible PVC cover and smooth inside wall.

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LeeSan LeeFlex Sanitation Hose

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