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Whale Orca Submersible Bilge Pump 12v or 24v DC

Whale Orca Submersible Bilge Pump 12v or 24v DC
Product Information:

Orca Submersible Bilge Pump 12v or 24v DC

The Orca Auto 1300 is the new addition to the IC bilge range of intelligently controlled pumps from Whale. 

The compact and powerful automatic Orca Auto 1300 requires no additional field sensor or float switch rather they are integrated within the pump to ensure the most effective automatic bilge water removal. The submersible pump has a large footprint ensuring lowest water level detection and maximum surface area exposure to bilge water. 

High performance- 1300 US gals/hr flow rate (82 ltrs/min) 

Simple to install-built in Automatic sensor—no need to fit a separate bilge switch 

Efficient - Large filter- maximum surface area exposed to bilge water 

Solid state switching—no moving parts

Long battery life- Low amp draw  

Neat fit in compact bilge areas  

Unaffected by wave motion

If this is a new installation please remember to use PN 02060 as the non return valve, available in the recommended accessories at the bottom of this page.

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