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How do incineration toilets work?


How do you install a Cinderella incineration toilet?


Incineration toilet FAQs

Please see below for frequently asked questions and answers on Cinderella Incineration Toilet Systems.


Is it necessary to use a paper bag for each visit to the toilet?

Yes. A new bag must be used every time.


Is it possible to use different types of bags?

Manufacturer of Cinderella strongly recommends the use of original bags with Cinderella incinerating toilets.

The original bags must be used during the complaint period (5 years). Errors / consequential damages due to

use of nonoriginal bags will waive the warranty and the responsibility will be entirely borne by the customer.


How to manage the ashes?

The ash is clean, free of odour and bacteria. It can be sprinkled in nature, or added to household waste.


How often do you empty the ash tray?

It is recommended to empty the ash bin once per week, or by clearing alert if it occurs first. The toilet uses less energy and burns

better when it is emptied frequently.


Can you visit the toilet while it burns?

Yes! The Combustion process is halted when you open the toilet lid and is resumed when the lid is re-closed. Additional time will

be added to the combustion process if additional waste is deposited.


Can you use recycled paper in the toilet?

Yes. There are no problems associated with the use of recycled paper.


Do you have to start the combustion process every time you

have used Cinderella?

Yes! The combustion process starts when you press the “Start” button. It is important that the waste be processed to prevent

odours and corrosion.


What is the point of the “Reset” function?

Reset cancels all running processes and put the toilet back to idle mode. (If the toilet is still hot, the exhaust fan will start up again

for cooling). This function is used for clearing error messages after any errors have been resolved.


What is the purpose of the ”Reset” function?

The ”Reset” function interrupts all ongoing processes and returns the toilet to the stand-by position. (If the toilet is still hot, the

toilet fan will start operating in order to cool down the system). This function is used in connection with error messages.


Can the toilet burn waste while driving?

No. Incineration should be completed before driving, IE: the yellow LED should be off. However, the fan that cools the toilet can

continue to operate while driving.


What if there sticks up a bag flap into the bowl after the ”flush”?

Sometimes it may happen that the bag does not fall completely down. This may be due to accumulation of waste and ash. If

combustion is started the flap disappears by next drop. The problem can be prevented by folding the front flap of the bag backwards

over the waste before ”flushing”, and / or empty the ash bin.


Why is there a ”cracking” sound from the toilet?

On new toilets there can sometimes be a ”cracking” sound. This is the sound of the steel during heating. The sound will diminish

after some time.


Can it smell outside?

On cold toilets and during special weather conditions you may experience a little burning smell on the outside of the caravan

at the start of combustion. If this is perceived as problematic, you can switch to the bundled winter chimney on the roof of the

carriage. It is also recommended to clean the ash tray and rinse the catalyst if this should happen.


Why do I need to rinse the catalyst?

The toilet’s catalyser unit catches particles from the combustion process. In order to ensure good combustion and odourless

operation, the catalyser will have to be rinsed at regular intervals, preferably after 500 combustion cycles (each time you start

using a new package of paper bags).

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