Emirates Palace Hotel Marina, Abu Dhabi



Emirates palace HotelWhen Clements Systems Gulf, the Jebel Ali, Dubai-based contractor currently building the Emirates Palace Marina in Abu Dhabi, needed expert assistance to design, install and commission the black and grey water pump-out systems, it contacted LeeSan to provide these services. 

As always, after the first telephone and email discussions in February, 2010, a member of LeeSan’s technical staff (in this case, Operations Director Gary Sutcliffe) visited the site for an in-depth discussion with everyone involved in this part of the project.

Visiting at this stage is essential as it almost always saves time and money, ensuring that the project flows smoothly and doesn’t hit any unforeseen problems. It also enables the developers to benefit from LeeSan’s many years of experience in this complex field of service provision, eliminating costly and embarrassing mistakes. This phase of the project was carried out in March, 2010.

men on marinaLeeSan has provided pump-out systems for four main areas of the marina, the three main sportsboat and leisure boat piers and the special superyacht section. Each of the main piers has its own dedicated, stainless steel, LSPH-100 single pump station with matching hose hanger. The integral pipework, which takes the waste directly on shore to discharge into the main sewer, is hidden in the pontoons. Boats visit the dedicated pump-out locations, which have been designed to handle constant use in extremely hot climates and are serviced by marina staff.  The fourth system is an on-demand vacuum pump-out, which features an on-shore, dual-pump station servicing individual stainless steel bollards at each superyacht berth. When required, the discharge hose from the yacht is connected to the bollard, the pump activated and the valve on the bollard turned. This empties the tanks without the boat ever leaving its mooring.

In April, 2010, the LeeSan installation team flew out to Abu Dhabi and, working with the marina contractors as well as locally sourced labour, they installed and fitted all of the pipework and pump stations. Concrete plinths and groundworks had already been completed to agreed specifications and an electrical supply had been ducted to each location.

One month later in May, after the contractors had put the finishing touches to the docks and the berths, LeeSan engineers were back on site to were back on site to commission the entire system, to ensure it was working correctly and to train the local marina staff before signing the project off.


As always, LeeSan is now negotiating an appropriate service and maintenance contract to optimise equipment life and maximise cost-effectiveness. This will involve an engineer visiting the site on an agreed timescale to service the pumps, replace components such as drive belts and to ensure that the local maintenance team is keeping the stations in top working order. There is also talk of a system for one extra large berth where, for example, a ‘Royal’ sized superyacht may well be berthed!

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