Mapledurham Lock, River Thames, UK

Environment Agency logoLeeSan, the UK’s leading manufacturer of Pump Out systems, has just commissioned a complete new pump out and waste disposal system at Mapledurham Lock on the River Thames in the UK.

This project was part of the Environment Agency plans to greatly improve these facilities all along the river.  The work was carried out by Jackson Civil Engineers, working closely with Warwickshire based LeeSan who designed, specified and built all of the waste disposal equipment.

The facilities include a brand new, card operated, pump out station incorporating post pump out rinsing. This is housed in a green GRP cabinet which is accessed from a new landing area. Out of hours the unit can still be used by holders of Thames River (EA) padlock keys. 

Mapledurham Lock
The pump for the system is remotely located in its own brick building. This means that, although it is mains voltage, the on-shore facility is Safety Extra Low Voltage. The unit is fed by a fresh water “booster” pump which meets the new requirements to prevent back contamination via an air gap in the line. 

Adjoining the pump house is a new portable toilet and waste disposal unit, again designed and built by LeeSan. This is all constructed in stainless steel and features its own active carbon, anti odour ventilation system, another LeeSan concept. 

The LeeSan pump out team is currently working on the black water and waste water systems at the new marina in the Yas Island development in Abu Dhabi, so in this instance it was nice for the team to have a job that was “just down the road”!